Many thanks to the photographers listed below for providing many of the photos.

Photos Photographer
Charity Donations Brian Gerona
Charity Donations For Children In the Philippines Brian Gerona
Charity Donations For Livelihood Programs In the Philippines Brian Gerona
Charity Donations For Poverty In the Philippines Gerard Domanguera
Charity Donations For the Philippines Graur Razvan Ionut
Click to Support Philippine Charities Francesco Marino
Corporate Social Responsibility xedos4
Donate Nutrient-Rich Meals for Malnourished Children Yucel Tellici
Donate Seed Money For A Prostitute Brian Gerona
Feed Malnourished Filipino Children Gerard Domanguera
Free Discount Coupons Arvind Balaraman
Fulfill A Wish List Banner Gerard Domanguera / Mark Anton Soontit
Online Shopping for Philippine Charities Filomena Scalise
Payroll Pledge for Philippine Charities Aleksandr Kutsayev
Send E-Card for Charity Mark Anton Soontit
Shop for Charity Suat Eman