In Memory Of Cherry Legaspi-Justalero

Cherry-Legaspi-Justalero-charityI just logged in to my Facebook account after a couple of weeks being out of touch with the Facebook community.  One of my notifications shocked me and I had to read it twice before I could accept it.  One of my college classmates had been gunned down and killed in Mandaue City.

Cherry Legaspi-Justalero was just 34 years old.  We were college classmates at the University Of San Carlos.  I remember her from my very first day as a college freshman.  We were blockmates and our professor asked each of us to stand up and say where we were from.  When it was her turn, she stood up, gave her name, and gave the name of her hometown.  I forgot her hometown but I do remember we all thought it was a funny name and it made us smile.  She smiled and laughed too.  That helped alleviate our nervousness a lot during that first day of college.

Through the next 4 years, we sometimes crossed paths in different subjects.  And although we were never in the same group of friends, her friendliness continued until we graduated.  Of the almost 500 classmates we had in that batch of students, she remains to be one of the people I remember quite well.

Her friendly, smiling face is one I will never forget.  And to those who gunned her down, you just ended the life of a beautiful person and left behind children who will never know how wonderful their mother is.

Vengeance is not ours, it's God's.  Yet for those left behind, and for those whose lives she has touched, we long for justice.  She, and others, is one of the reasons why I got involved with Philippine Charities.  We all have to do what we can for a better society.  And we look forward to the day when everyone's efforts will be more than those who seek to destroy and belittle what we do.  To God be the glory...