Education and Literacy

Charity Donations To Help Support Education And Literacy In the Philippines.

School Bags

Majority of Filipinos live below poverty line. While the government is able to provide them with free education through its public schools, there are no funds for their school needs such as stationery, uniforms, and school bags.

You can help by sponsoring a school bag for a Filipino child today. You can also sponsor more bags for more children.  These bags will be distributed directly to the children in the provinces.


School Supplies

Filipinos understand the need for literacy for a better life. Poverty-stricken Filipino families want to send their children to public school. But going to school is not enough. These children need school supplies! If the children’s families cannot provide the school supplies, the children stop going to school because they cannot participate in the lessons.

College Education

A Filipino who is able to finish college has the huge opportunity to turn his life around. In the Philippines, a Filipino with a college diploma can apply for a good-paying job, enough to get out of the dreaded “poverty line” for good. This effectively ends this particular Filipino’s history of poorer-than-poor generations, and gives him the gift of being able to start a financially secure family in the future. It is a life and family saved.

High School Education

Majority of Filipinos live below poverty line, where education is a luxury they cannot afford. This is why so many children do not have the opportunity to gain literacy and they remain stuck in poverty throughout their lives.

In addition to needing sponsors for their elementary education, they also need further assistance to attend high school. A high school diploma gives Filipinos the opportunity to be hired for menial jobs, where they earn enough for food and shelter.

Elementary Education

So many Filipino children spend their days out in the streets begging for alms instead of being in school. This is because majority of Filipinos live below poverty line, where education is a luxury they can ill afford.

Yet these children badly need sponsors to send them to school. They need to be given the opportunity to develop their talents, so that they can someday rise above their current circumstances for a better future.

Fund Literacy Programs

We don’t want Filipinos to die as they were born - in abject poverty unable to improve their lives. We want them to move forward beyond their initial circumstances, and we firmly believe literacy is the key.

Once the Filipino learns to read and understand what he is reading, he is able to improve his life. Literacy will positively impact his personal life, his livelihood opportunities, his political judgments, and the lives of the people around him.