Fund Feeding Programs

There are too many Filipinos to whom even one full meal a day is a luxury. They live for whatever the day brings them and often spend a few hours a day rummaging through garbage disposals for whatever edible food they can find. We don’t want them to live this way.

We believe that change can start by addressing their basic necessities before we move on to helping them become self-sufficient. Feeding Programs are conducted periodically in the various slum areas of the country.

You can help feed a needy Filipino today. Fill his stomach and let him know someone out there cares enough to feed him. Sometimes, he just needs to know others believe in him so that he can also believe in himself.

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Minimum: $1.00

Certificate of DonationAfter making your donation, we will send you via e-mail your certificate of donation. The certificate will be in ready-to-print format, either for your own display or to give as a gift. Donations also make meaningful gifts suited to any occasion, and your relative or friend will appreciate your making a donation on his/her behalf.