Fund Outreach Programs Against Sexual Abuse

Community Outreach Programs and Advocacy Programs against sexual harrassment, sexual abuse, and human trafficking are provided to local barangays (communities) in the Philippines.  Young girls are made aware of sexual exploitation, what to do if they feel they are being sexually harassed, and how to avoid sexual abuse.

Parents are also taught how to identify if their children are suffering silently from sexual exploitation, and how to build better family relationships.  Family counseling and home visitations are also part of these outreach programs against sexual abuse in the Philippines.

Advocacy campaigns are also carried out in schools to help prevent sexual abuse.  Topics include Child Rights, Child Abuse, Psychodynamics Of an Abused Child, Techniques of the Abuser, and What to Do and Where to Go When In Situation of Abuse. Students are also evaluated to check if there are disclosures about sexual abuses that they or their friends have experienced.

Your donation will fund these Community Outreach Programs and Advocacy Programs against sexual abuse.  It is so much better to pre-warn these girls before the abuse takes place.  Help them retain their innocence by supporting these programs.


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