Plant Mangroves

Coastal reforestation projects are important to maintain balance in the Philippines' ecosystem. Being an archipelago of 7,107 islands, the Philippine environment relies as much on the seas as it does on land. Our coastal reforestation efforts primarily involve planting mangrove seedlings in pre-identified sites.

Mangroves filter pollutants and improve water quality, stabilize and enrich the soil, and protect shorelines from erosion. They are also home to many animals and provide them with sources of food. Your donations will fund coastal reforestation projects headed by Haribon Foundation.


  • $10.00 for 400 seedlings
  • $25.00 for 1,000 seedlings
  • $50.00 for 2,000 seedlings
  • $85.00 for 3,300 seedlings
  • $125.00 for 5,000 seedlings
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Minimum: $10.00

Certificate of DonationAfter making your donation, we will send you via e-mail your certificate of donation. The certificate will be in ready-to-print format, either for your own display or to give as a gift. Donations also make meaningful gifts suited to any occasion, and your relative or friend will appreciate your making a donation on his/her behalf.