Plant A Tree

The Philippines once boasted to be a land rich in flora and fauna. Today, much of these are gone. In key provinces throughout the country, some are covered with only 5% vegetation! The Philippine Department Of Environment And Natural Resources is currently working hard to increase this percentage to at least 18% by 2015. They are also working with non-government organizations to reach this goal. 

We are supporting the DENR’s efforts. Let’s help reforest Philippine lands. Truly, every tree planted always makes a difference.  Each tree costs US$3.00 and includes the following:

     - 1 seedling of a native tree specie

     - land preparation (includes staking, brushing, boring of holes)

     - maintenance for 3 years


  • $3.00 to plant 1 tree
  • $12.00 to plant 4 trees
  • $30.00 to plant 10 trees
  • $90.00 to plant 30 trees
  • $150.00 to plant 50 trees
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Minimum: $3.00

Certificate of DonationAfter making your donation, we will send you via e-mail your certificate of donation. The certificate will be in ready-to-print format, either for your own display or to give as a gift. Donations also make meaningful gifts suited to any occasion, and your relative or friend will appreciate your making a donation on his/her behalf.