How You Can Help Charities

  • This works like a restaurant menu, so you can decide exactly how your charity donation will be spent.

  • In the mood to play Santa Claus today?  Here's your chance to make someone's wish come true.

  • Prefer to shop in your favorite online stores?  You can do it here.  Same products, same prices, bigger impact.

  • Want to brighten up someone's day and still help charity?  Send an E-Card to put a smile on more than 1 person's face.

  • Help for free!  Click to visit our sponsors that interest you.  Every time you click, our sponsors donate to charity.

  • Do you want to pledge a small portion of your monthly salary to a child in need?  We facilitate payroll giving.

  • Corporate social responsibility is on the rise.  Is your corporation on board yet?  Start or expand your CSR program today.

  • Help for free!  Help us spread the word about  Share, link, blog, and just talk about us!

  • There is no such thing as too much help for charities.  So here's more.  Or, you can tell us how you would like to help.