Corporate Partnerships

As the needs of the Filipinos, the Philippines, and the environment increase, corporate social responsibility in this third-world country is also on the rise. We can help you start or expand your corporate social responsibility programs in your workplace and in your community.

Our Services

Organizing A Community Activity - Do you want to involve your employees in a tree planting activity? Or how about a feeding program? We can help you get started, find more options, assist in your public relations, and simply organize the activity for you.

Workplace Awareness Program - Do you want your employees to be more aware of charity causes and how they can help? We can initiate a Workplace Awareness Program in your company. This usually involves putting up of posters, giving a brief talk, or even setting up a donation box for a specific cause in your company for a given time. Proceeds will be forwarded to a charity cause of your choice and due credit will be given to your company.

Payroll Pledge - Your employees can also choose to give charity donations to their preferred advocacies every month. We facilitate payroll giving, where pledged amounts are deducted from employees’ salaries on a monthly basis. To know more, please visit our Payroll Pledge page.

Other Ways To Make Charity Part Of Your CSR - Do you have your own ideas and plans on how to incorporate charity giving into your corporate social responsibility programs? Contact us so we can help.


For any or all of the above, you can reach us through our Contact Us page.