8 Ways To Raise Funds For Philippine Charities

2011-06-27 03:00

CEBU CITY, PHILIPPINES, JUNE 27, 2011 - Newly launched website www.PhilippineCharities.com is an online fundraising initiative for the benefit of charities in the Philippines. It started operating online last June 1, 2011 and features “8 Simple Ways for Powerful Giving” to the Philippines.

This project is the brainchild of Jodie Lynn Soontit, who is also the project manager for Crinnovent Corp., an events and marketing firm based in Cebu. “Soon after I started Crinnovent Corp. with a partner last 2004, I started to think beyond engaging in business and wanted to do something that would give back to society. Here in the Philippines, everywhere you go, you cannot escape the signs of poverty and stagnation. It eats at you,” Soontit said.

“But getting a business off the ground took up so much time that there wasn’t much room for anything else. Then last year, Crinnovent started shifting from traditional marketing to internet marketing. And inspiration struck. Why not help by operating a fundraising website? We were already in the industry and we could balance both our business and our fundraising efforts.”

After 8 months of planning and preparation, www.PhilippineCharities.com was launched last June 1, 2011. “We consider it our soft launch as we are still working out a few more things in the website. But it is already operational and we are very happy to say that we have already received a few donations through the website,” Soontit explained.

Philippine Charities is currently supporting poverty, education, health, livelihood, children, women and girls, environment, and disaster recovery in the Philippines.

Funds raised through the website are forwarded to identified charity organizations.  At present, these are Haribon Foundation, Christ For Asia, Cebu Bohol Relief & Rehabilitation Center, and Visayan Forum. They plan to add 2 more within the next few months.

“We don’t want to extend the list of charity organizations yet, since we are still gathering momentum,” Soontit continued. “Right now, it’s better to concentrate donations within a few organizations for a bigger impact.”

Philippine Charities features 8 different ways for people to help charities in the Philippines. These are through donations, wish lists, payroll pledge, corporate social responsibility programs, online shopping, e-cards, click to support, and sharing the website.

Donate. The website’s Donate feature is very interesting. Instead of simply accepting cash donations, it allows people to decide how they want their money to be spent. It works like online shopping, where specific items have their own prices. If they want to donate to the Philippine environment, they can plant a tree for US$1.00. If they prefer to help further education in the Philippines, they can sponsor a child’s education for US$135 a year. Or they can help fight human trafficking for as low as US$1.00.

Wish Lists. Filipinos in need can submit their wish lists to the website. Once approved, these wishes are posted in the Wish List section and website visitors can choose to answer these wishes instead of making donations.

Payroll Pledge. Philippine Charities plans to work with the HR departments of Philippine corporations and encourage employees to pledge a portion of their salaries to charity every month. This will ideally be in the form of salary deductions.

Corporate Social Responsibility Programs. Philippine Charities also wants to involve corporations in outreach initiatives. They can help organize a community activity, start a workplace awareness program, or even arrange for a customized CSR program.

Shop Online. Shop Online is Philippine Charities’ portal to online shopping websites. It shows thumbnails of different online shopping sites along with a brief description, and encourages visitors to enter these stores through Philippine Charities’ Shop Online section. Every time they do and make a purchase, these shopping sites donate a portion of their sales to Philippine Charities at no extra cost to the customer. Shop Online currently features close to 50 stores and is adding more stores every week.

E-Cards. People can send e-cards for free, and for any occasion. This helps promote awareness for the various causes in the Philippines and also gives people an option if they want to make a donation.

Click to Support. The website features various companies who sponsor and support the site as well as charity causes in the Philippines. Website visitors are encouraged to visit these companies’ websites by clicking on their banners.

Share the Site. Everyone is invited to share the website to their relatives and friends, and on their own websites. This section contains links to popular networking sites such as Facebook and Twitter. It also contains banners which other website owners and publishers can put on their own sites.

With all these ways to help and especially with help-for-free activities, Philippine Charities hopes that people will reach out more to the Filipinos and grow in awareness of the needs of the Philippines.