Cebu Bohol 7.2 Earthquake

2013-10-17 03:30 - 2013-10-31 03:30

Cebu, Philippines was rocked by a 7.2 magnitude earthquake last October 15, 2013, along with the neighboring island of Bohol. For an island that is hit only by small earthquakes lasting just a few seconds once every couple of years, this was a shocker.

I was in my bedroom because it was a holiday and there was no work (praise God for this). Suddenly the ground began to shake and I was thinking, "Oh, an earthquake." But it didn't stop and continued, until some picture frames and figurines started falling to the floor. The entire house was shaking. The worst part was, it kept shaking and shaking and shaking, and felt like it would never stop. It took a long time for the earthquake to stop, and when it finally did, the house was a mess. My mom just sat on a chair, shaking.

First things first, I ran a check on all loved ones. Everyone was fine, praise God. Next, I took stock of our damage. Just broken stuff and cracks on the walls, but all around, the house still looked structurally sound. Praise God again.

Since power was down, we couldn't check to find out what happened in the city (we live on the outskirts) and what the situation was. Remembering the panic and stampeded of the previous huge earthquake Cebu encountered (about 2 years back), I was imagining all sorts of horrors since this current quake was worse than that one.

When power finally came back on, TV reports started coming in. And the full horror of the earthquake finally settled in.

National treasure Sto. Nino Church damaged by Cebu's 7.2 Magnitude Earthquake

Damage to private property leads to casualties

The worst part is, it's not over.  Even as we quickly mobilize to help the victims and casualties of the earthquake, the ground still shakes.  We continue to experience aftershocks and independent earthquakes, admittedly of lesser magnitude.  But my question is, how long will this last and how much more can our buildings and people take?

For those who wish to donate for the earthquake victims in Cebu and Bohol, you may do so here.