The Children Of Tubod Elementary School

2014-06-02 02:00

While the Philippine government is able to allocate meager resources, no matter its adequacy, for the construction of small public schools in all the barangays (smallest government unit, with each city being divided into barangays) in the Philippines, these schools still lack so much more in terms of maintenance, facilities, books, and other resources for the students of the Filipino poor.

Tubod Elementary School is one such school.  One of its teachers, Ms. Jocelyn Mission, has asked Philippine Charities to help her students in any way.  She is a dedicated teacher and the plight of the Filipino children moves her.  According to Mission, these Filipino children primarily need basic school necessities, such as uniforms, bags, and school supplies. Students of Tubod Elementary School are from poor families in the rural area, who cannot afford to pay tuition fees for private schools. 

"Most of our students are children of carpenters, plumbers, farmers, and domestic helpers," Mission said.  "These people earn way below minimum wage and their sources of income are not regular.  While our public schools do not ask for tuition fees, they are also unable to provide our schools with decent resources.  We especially need school books and stationery to properly educate the children."

The children's stationery needs include notebooks, pens, pencils, erasers, art supplies, and other basic necessities that students use in school everyday. Aside from these things, the children also need decent clothing and especially sturdy shoes.  Right now, these children wear only rubber slippers.  Some of them walk as far as 3 kilometers everyday just to go to school!  Plus another 3 kilometers to go home.

Philippine Charities is currently raising funds to help these Filipino children get an educaiton.  If you want to help, kindly visit or Donate For Education And Literacy section.  You can also share this article through Facebook, Twiiter, or other social sites by clicking on their icons below. Thank you in advance for your help and prayers!