Philippines Weekly News Round-Up (August 20-26,2011)

2011-08-20 07:45 - 2011-08-26 23:45

Investigating the Child-Labor Situation In the Philippines  |  Filipino Children Living In Urban Slums Are Most Disadvantaged  |  Philippine Government Urged To Reforest Marikina Watershed  |  Typhoon Nanmadol Causes Flashfloods And Deaths


Investigating the Child-Labor Situation In the Philippines 


In Brief:

>       The International Labor Organization (ILO) has tapped the National Statistics Office (NSO) Of the Philippines to conduct a survey this October 2011 and find out the extent of child labor in the Philippines.

>       ILO has partnered with the Department Of Labor And Employment (DOLE) to end the worst forms of child labor in 5 years.

>       Reports state that there is at least 2.4 million working children in the Philippines.

>       Poverty remains to be the primary reason why families deprive their children of education and let them contribute to household incomes.


Filipino Children Living In Urban Slums Are Most Disadvantaged


In Brief:

>       This was discussed in the Second Forum on Children In the Urban Environment organized by the Department of Interior and Local Government (DILG) and UNICEF.

>       Thousands of poor children in the Philippines lack access to food, health services, potable water, sanitation, education, decent housing, information and participation.

>       In Manila alone, about 1.7 million children live in slum areas.

>       Forum participants said they are studying urban strategies and good practices in education, health, child protection and other issues in local governance.

>       UNICEF said it is now planning a 6-year program that will focus on reaching the poorest and most disadvantaged children, particularly those in urban slums and conflict and disaster areas.


Marikina WatershedPhilippine Government Urged To Reforest Marikina Watershed


In Brief:

>       An environment group urged the Philippines’ National Convergence Initiative (NCI) to reforest critical watersheds in the Philippines

>       The NCI heads the Philippines’ National Greening Program (NGP) under Executive Order No. 26 issued earlier this year, and is comprised of the Department Of Environment And Natural Resources (DENR), Department Of Agriculture, and Department Of Agrarian Reform.

>       Reforestation of watersheds adds natural protection to low-lying areas considered to be high risk from flooding and landslides.

>       Of the 33,000-hectare Marikina watershed, only 22 percent remains covered with trees and forest vegetation.

>       DENR alone, through the NGP, aims to plant 1.5 billion trees in 1.5 million hectares of barren forestlands within the next six years.


Typhoon Nanmadol Causes Flashfloods And Deaths


In Brief:

>       Typhoon Nanmadol (Philippine name:  Typhoon Mina) has brought down heavy rains on the Philippines the past week, causing flash floods in certain areas.

>       Affected areas are Bantuanon, Lantapan, and Fortich Bridge in Valencia City.

>       Typhoone Nanmadol (aka., Typhoon Mina) has claimed 3 lives as of August 25, 2011.