Rehabilitation for Typhoon Victims

Typhoons (hurricanes) are a constant calamity that hits the Philippines.  In addition to the damage that they directly cause when they hit the country, they also leave a lot of devastation in their wake - flattened homes, lost livelihoods, and more.

This request for aid goes beyond search and rescue, relief goods, and temporary shelters.  We need to help the Filipinos get back on their feet again, and to do so, we need to provide rehalibitation aid - housing, livelihood, continuing children's education, basic commodities and more.

Your donations will be combined with those from other donors to help rehabilitate disaster areas in the Philippines.

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Minimum: $5.00

Certificate of DonationAfter making your donation, we will send you via e-mail your certificate of donation. The certificate will be in ready-to-print format, either for your own display or to give as a gift. Donations also make meaningful gifts suited to any occasion, and your relative or friend will appreciate your making a donation on his/her behalf.